Cultivating Leadership

Through the creation of leadership programs and youth mobilization, we organize and train Dalit and non-Dalit Nepali youth through fellowship opportunities, courses, and educational events. Through fellowships and Dalit Human Right Defenders programs, we create pathways for youth and individuals engaging in human rights work to build upon their skills and knowledge to become leaders in the dalit communities in Nepal.

Our trained volunteers, the Dalit Human Rights Defenders (DHRDs) located throughout Nepal work to defend the rights of Dalit community members. These watchdogs based at community level monitor and document incidents of Dalit human rights violations (DHRVs), conduct fact-finding missions, engage with law enforcement agencies and local/provincial governments, carry out advocacy, education, and capacity-building initiatives related to the elimination of discrimination and HR violations against Dalit communities in Nepal. Currently, we have over 100 DHRDs throughout Nepal.

We have trained numbers of Young Dalit girls from province 2. These young Madhesi Dalit girls are the Youth Ambassadors endowed with specific knowledge and skills on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR).  To date, there are 160 Youth Ambassadors from Madhes who are the aspiring dalit leaders in Nepal working in their community and who in turn seek to empower other young people within their community.