Publication, Communication and Outreach

Since 2009 we have released over 60 publications by Samata Foundation. Our publications include books based on empirical research, policy papers, research reports, policy review reports, advocacy briefs, and regular newsletters. Publications are available in both Nepali and English. In addition to published resources, information is shared on other platforms including Samata Foundation’s website, social media, radio, and video programs. Furthermore, talk programs and lectures series are conducted on a regular basis.

We have broadened the spectrum of our alliance at national and international levels. At the international level we collaborate with the Asian Dalit Right Forum (ADRF) and Asian Democracy Research Network (ADRN).

In addition to contributing to building a greater body of knowledge, we have also created an on-site library, Samata Resource Centre, with open access to the public to improve availability of critically-engaged information and research.