Human Rights and Justice

Our work in social justice and human rights includes investigation into caste-based discrimination and untouchability (CBD & U) and advocacy for its elimination. Since 2013, a series of fact-finding missions of human rights violation (HRV) incidences are being carried out involving Dalit individuals who have been targeted because of their caste and experienced intimidation, discrimination, or violence.  Fact-finding missions are carried out throughout Nepal to bring justice to the individuals and communities impacted by acts of discrimination and violence.

Fact-finding missions are carried out by staff and a team of volunteers trained through the Dalit Human Rights Defenders (DHRD) program during the time of incident(s) or a possible human rights violation. Fact finding mission concerning caste-based discrimination and atrocities against Dalits are sensitively collected from communities and presented to parliamentarians, lawmakers, and law enforcement agencies at the local and national level for appropriate measures to be taken that address justice.

Additionally, we are committed to provide legal supports to victims of CBD & practice of untouchability and to build awareness among the citizens about Dalit human rights and justice delivery system through education and trainings. The social justice and human rights advocacy is our duty towards the society as a social justice organization.