Satta-Bimarsha ra Dalit, Ambedkar

Author: Samata Foundation

Published: 2012

ISBN: 978-9937-8372-2-4

Language: Nepali

Edition: First

Pages: 244

Category: Publications


The book Satta-Bimarsha ra Dalit, Ambedkar: drishtikon ra bebechana (Discourse on State and Dalit: Ambedkar’s perspective and Analysis) dissects the caste system and Dalit emancipation, centering on Ambedkar’s ideas and behaviours.  This book consists of four chapters written by various writers and includes Sukhadeo Thorat’s paper, “caste discrimination and necessary constitutional provision and policies against discrimination: Perspective of BR Ambedkar and lense of Nepal”. Besides this paper, six articles are derived from the book of “Ambedkar in retrospect: Essays in Economics, politics and society”. Another article “State and Monitories” is taken from the book of ” BR Ambedkar: Perspective on Social exclusion and inclusion policies.” All articles and papers are translated into Nepali language for the Nepali readers. This book is so electrifying that it ignites fire in the hearts of those who have embarked upon a journey of Dalit emancipation.