प्यूठान ‌‍ओखरकोटका दलितहरु

Author: Samata Foundation

Published: 2017


Language: Nepali

Edition: First

Pages: 88

Category: Publications


The book “Pyuthan Okharkotka Dalitharu” is based on an ethnographic research done at Pyuthan, Okharkot, under the project led by the Okharkot Tourism and Rural Development Service Committee Campaign to prepare a Okharkot Encyclopedia after profound research of all the aspects about Okharkot and other ten related Village Development Committees in Pyuthan district.  The research was done to prepare an ethnographic profile of the Dalit community of hill region; that is Kami, Damai and Sarki living with other caste groups. Primarily, the objective of this study is to explore each and every characteristics of Dalit community from socio-economic condition to cultural and religious status so that the vast range of people from policy level to academicians will be aware of the actual status of Dalits and causes of their backwardness and under development. But in broad sense, the aim of the study is to promote the artistic local knowledge and skills of Dalits through rural tourism and to help them involve in the participatory and inclusive development process. Because of diversified and caste based Nepalese Society, Dalits have mostly been victimized and suppressed despite their fullest contribution in the process of development and democratic changes. The book can be very helpful to gain knowledge regarding Dalits and their lifestyle, history and present condition.