Dalit Saundrya Bodh

Author: Samata Foundation

Published: 2013

ISBN: 978-9937-8372-4-8

Language: Nepali

Edition: First

Pages: 304

Category: Publications


This book maps out the foundation for understanding ‘Dalit Aesthetics within Nepali literature” by briefly reviewing major literary works and its trends from early to the most recent ones, highlighting the works on marginalized aesthetics. This is the book published at a critical time, provoking both the Dalit and non-Dalit writers to write for the cause of historically marginalized Dalit community. This thoughtful and passionate book, while claiming that Dalit aesthetics is an emerging section within the Nepali literature, also acknowledges the need of a lot of literary endeavors to establish Dalit aesthetics in real sense. This is a thought provoking book to identify a set of perspectives that pursue certain questions about the prerequisite conceptual frameworks, philosophical theories and assumptions regarding art and aesthetic categories to make Dalit aesthetics. This book also revolves around the questions such as; how the tale of Dalit aesthetics will transcend in the days to come and what the lessons and challenges for the future would be?