Dalan Birudhha Pratirodh

Author: Samata Foundation

Published: 2013

ISBN: 978-9937-8372-5-5

Language: Nepali

Edition: First

Pages: 354

Category: Publications


This book is a rare masterpiece, a collection of ground breaking benchmark Dalit movements including ‘Pasupati temple entry struggle’, ‘Kotihome Sangarsha’, ‘sino bahiskar andolan’. Brilliantly and engagingly written, ‘Dalan Biruddha Pratirodh’, comes up with explanation of how the priorities of the Dalit movements have been shifting over the decades ranging from ‘Gorakhkali temple entry struggle’ (cultural) to the ‘inclusive participation of Dalits (Political). There is also an analysis of how Dalit’s identity and dignity have been recognized and strengthened by each of the trend setting movements. In this long-awaited, clearly and movingly written book, the authors have made a rigorous attempt to explore the driving forces of each movements in a retrospective way. It also further provides a detail account of how the waves of Dalit movements have dismantled ‘vicious cycle of exclusion and discrimination’ by challenging the dominant institutions, stereotypes and status quo.