Court Martial

Author: Samata Foundation

Published: 2013


Language: Nepali

Edition: First

Pages: 94

Category: Publications


Swadesh Deepak’s Court Martial, is a brilliant script and a psychologically demanding play which poignantly underlines hard hitting realism of the caste and class system that lurks underneath the facade of the Army. Court Martial is a story of recruit Ram Bahadur who is tried for murdering one of his officers and injuring another. Col Rupak Singh, who cannot forgive the breach of Army discipline, is presiding over the proceedings where Ram himself has confessed to the crime. But this trial disarms battle hardened, no nonsense Col. Rupak as he realizes during the course of interrogation that the issues at stake are much larger than what meets the eye and that the recruit has been hard done by. But he can’t change his decision. Court Martial is critically acclaimed as presenting a combination of legal and poetic justice by depicting how a man can erupt like a volcano when despite all qualifications, he is traumatized and denied for respect for the only reason of his caste.