Access of Dalit Community to Land and Dalit Inclusion

Author: Dr. Purna Nepali

Published: 2016

ISBN:  978-9937-9185-8-9

Language: Nepali

Edition: First

Pages: 247

Category: Publications


The book “Access of Dalit Comminity to Land and Dalit Inclusion: An Analysis from Intersectionality Perspective” has written by Dr. Purna Bahadur Nepali, who is associate professor, Master of Public Policy and Management (MPPM), Kathmandu University School of Management(KU SOM) Kathmandu. Dr. Nepali is Research Fellow(non-resident), Harvard Kennedy School and Hutchins Center, Harvard University US. He has completed his Fulbright visiting Research Fellowship(2017-18).

In this book, he has dug out the root causes of structural poverty and inequalities faced by Nepalese Dalits. Dr Nepali highlights the need for broader political coalition and political and social reforms to be initiated by leadership with much eloquence to address cumulative disadvantaged and deprivation faced by Dalit communities. He recommends for a robust redistributive policies for truly disadvantaged and the most marginalized alit communities. The author has exquisitely explained the exclusion suffered by dalits from the intersectionally persepective based on class caste and gender.

In this book, the author has clearly presents that how marginalized communities from different parts the world have similar stories. He expected to be an eye opener for the readers to enable assessing the land related issues of Nepalese dalits with distinct perspectives.