Sambidhansabhama Dalit Mudda: Sangharsha Ra Upalabdhi

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Among the series of publication of SAMATA foundation, it is the twelfth book comprising of Dalit related agendas that were raised and discussed strongly during the first and second constitutional assembly. In a way, the book has scripted the Dalit struggle for ensuring their rights in the constitution. The book consists of Dalit issues guaranteed by the constitution as well as the subject-matters not included by it.

Importantly, the book delineates the discourses of constitution assembly since 2007 BS (1950) as an attempt to see the continuation of this discussion on the backdrop of role and contribution the Dalits played in the historical political movement.

Altogether, the book is an effort for accumulating information about Dalit struggle and their contribution in the lengthy debates and struggle in Nepal for the sake of fair and inclusive constitutional assembly. Besides, the book consists of the commitments of leaders from the various political parties for the making of Dalit-friendly constitution. At the end, this book  encloses the ups and downs of the Nepali politics and Dalit movements.

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