Reinforcing Justice Delivery to Dalits in Sudurpaschhim Province

Reinforcing Justice Delivery to Dalits in Sudurpaschhim Province


This project aims to support elimination of caste-based discrimination and ensurity of Dalit human rights in the Sudurpachhim province. The cases of caste-based discrimination (CBD) and human rights violations (HRVs) happening in the Sudurpachhim province rarely get the attention of the government and media (Samata Media Monitoring, 2017). The level of impunity is higher as many cases of Dalit HRVs are either ended with reconciliation or ended with inadequate amount of justice. Through a project Samata Foundation strives to raise awareness level of the general public about Caste Based Discrimination (Offence and Punishment) Act 2011 and for the effective implementation of constitutional rights of   Dalits in the province.

Project Location

Sudurpaschim Province

Project Duration

2019 – 2021


  1. To strengthen the capacity of the local CSOs and lawmakers to deliver effective leadership in deliberating pro-Dalit policy formulation.
  2. To monitor and minimize violations of Dalit human rights through effective engagement of Dalit Human Right Defenders (DHRDs), Law Enforcement Agencies ( LEAs) and elected representatives in Sudurpachhim province

Funding Partner

Open Society Foundation through Alliance for Social Dialogue Nepal

Expected Outcomes

  1. Gaps in Dalit friendly lawmaking process are identified impelling increased participation of Dalits lawmakers in policymaking processes in target provinces/local levels.
  2. Dalits’ rights are integrated in the public policies in target provincial/local levels.
  3. Increased commitment from LEAs to protect the Dalits’ human rights in Sudurpachhim province.
  4. Capacity of local Dalit-led CSOs is enhanced on Caste-based discrimination and Untouchability (CBDU) and a Dalit responsive budget.
  5. Reduced incidents of Dalit human rights violations in the Sudurpachhim province.

Accomplished Outcomes

  1. Network build up with CSOs in Sudurpachhim Province
  2. Published DHRD Resource book
  3. 24 Dalit Human Rights Defenders trained

Major Activities

  1. Study of formulated laws and the law formulation process.
  2. Publication of Research report
  3. Capacity building of Dalit-led CSOs
  4. Province level dialogue
  5. Training and mobilization of DHRDs
  6. District level consultation meeting on CBD&U (Offence and Punishment) Act, 2011
  7. Publication of “Dalit Human Right Watch” report.
  8. High Level Province Assembly-Sudurpachhim (Role of Parliaments/ committee/ palikas/ councils)