Rage against Gender-based Violence (CHETANA)

Rage against Gender-based Violence (CHETANA)


This project aims to support elimination of Gender based violence (GBVs) related SRHR to against Dalit women in province 2 by engaging the capacitated Dalit young girls (DYGs), elected representatives, law enforcement agencies (LEAs), Lawmakers, and Media at local, province and federal levels. Through this project the current level of impunities and injustice will be changed to a just environment through effective lobby and advocacy and formulation of gender friendly policies.

Project Location

Province 2.

Project Duration

2020 – 2021


  1. The objective our proposed project is to capacitate the local Dalit young girls (YDGs) and have them work as change agents to bring positive changes in terms of SRHR of Dalit women in province 2. For this the DYGs continuously monitor the cases of GBVs and engage law enforcement agencies and elected representatives for justice delivery and support for the formulation of gender friendly policies and programs.

Funding Partner


Expected Outcomes

  1. With the initiation of competent Youth Ambassadors more cases of GBV concerning SRHR are registered at police and court as compared to previous years.
  2. Dalit women friendly policies and programs addressing SRHR are formed at rural municipality and municipality levels by elected leaders at local and province level.


Accomplished Outcomes

  1. 160 Dalit Young Girls have been trained on GBV and SRHR
  2. Consultation meeting with Judiciary Committee members of all districts of province 2
  3. Over 30 lobby meetings of DYGs with the local governments.

Major Activities

  1. Training for youth ambassadors
  2. Communication campaign
  3. Workshop for judicial committee on SRHR
  4. Meetings with Law enforcement agencies
  5. Lobby Meetings with Local Government
  6. Advocacy at province level