Protection and Promotion of Dalit Rights through Effective Implementation of the Constitution, Laws, Policies and Programs

Protection and Promotion of Dalit Rights through Effective Implementation of the Constitution, Laws, Policies and Programs


The actions proposed in the project uphold democratic values and practices through the principles of inclusion, representation and participation. The project contributes to eliminate all forms of discrimination and oppression, fosters economic equality, prosperity and social justice at provincial level through the effective implementation of the Dalit Empowerment Bill.

A comprehensive research on the practice of caste based discrimination, study of systemic exclusion and marginalization of Dalits will be crucial to identify opportunity area for affirmative intervention. The evidence gathered from the research will be used as tools for advocacy and lobby to realize the constitutional provisions and rights of Dalits in their true spirit and essence.

Through the project actions, efforts will be made to facilitate and support both Dalit and non-Dalit Lawmakers at province level to work collaboratively for the effective implementation of DEB. It also supports the government efforts to formulate corresponding policies and programs as articulated in the DEB at Provinces.

The project is focused in Province 2 and federal government in Kathmandu. It also carries forward the lobby and advocacy activities of Samata Foundation in all of the 7 provinces to create an enabling environment for social justice where caste-based discrimination and atrocities of untouchability are completed eliminated.

Project Location

Province 2.

Project Duration

2020 – 2021


  1. To support effective implementation of Dalit Empowerment Bill at Province 2 through a set of collaborative actions of Dalit-led civil societies and Elected Representatives
  2. To lobby for Dalit Empowerment Bill and for Dalit responsive policies, programs and budget at Federal and Province level
  3. To conduct a comprehensive research on the contemporary changing dynamics of Discriminations on Dalits

Funding Partner

National Endowment for Democracy

Expected Outcomes

  1. The condition of Dalit human right is improved in Province 2.
  2. Dalit Empowerment Bill is tabled in all provinces
  3. The key areas for future policy advocacy in handling the issues of caste-based discrimination and untouchability are identified.

Major Activities

  1. Provincial and Federal Level Lobby Meetings with the Parliamentarians
  2. High Level Dialogues at Provinces
  3. Lobby meetings/interactions with members of Law Enforcement Agencies at Province 2
  4. Research on the changes in perspective of Nepali citizens in regard to the caste based discrimination and practice of untouchability