Protection and Promotion of Dalit Human Rights in Karnali

Protection and Promotion of Dalit Human Rights in Karnali


The systemic discrimination, social persecution, violence and indignities stemming from caste inequalities created barriers for Dalits to enjoy their rights as Nepali citizens. Out of all the seven provinces in Nepal, Karnali is the second most Dalit populous province and remains the least developed region with challenging geography, challenging to reach population distribution, high poverty, illiteracy rate, low economic opportunities, and slavery practices.

The Project shall create well-equipped Dalit Human Rights Defenders (DHRDs), skilled in advocacy, monitoring, and documenting the incidents of Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability (CBDU) and Dalit Human Rights Violations (DHRVs). The skill transfer, documentation, dialogue, and advocacy shall reinforce Dalits’ access to the state apparatus, help them claim rights, and demand justice by increasing the accountability of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), province and local governments. The Project shall amplify Dalit resistance by building an allyship with broader stakeholders.

  1. Major Activities:
    1. Dalit Human Rights Defenders (DHRDs) Training
    2. DHRDs Mentoring
    3. DHRDs Mobilization
    4. Local level Dialogues
    5. DHRV Incident Monitoring
    6. Dalit Human Rights Yearbook

Working Area

All 10 districts of Karnali Province

Period of Performance

1st September, 2021 – 31st August, 2022

Funding Partner

Australian Embassy

Major Activities