Niti Sambad – Constructive Dialogue for Policy Reform

Niti Sambad – Constructive Dialogue for Policy Reform


Niti Sambad – Constructive Dialogue for Policy Reform is a project designed strategically to conduct evidence-based informed policy advocacy and build a constructive, collaborative consensus to create an enabling environment for policy reform in the foreign employment sector and formulate appropriate comprehensive policy to regulate Nepal’s brick kiln industry.

The migrant workers are compelled to take loans with high-interest rates, which forces them to engage in exploitative labor jobs even if the financial and other benefits are not lucrative. The provision of zero recruitment fees reduces the foreign employment cost and frees migrant workers from debt bondage and forced labor. With the opportunities for higher paid work and guaranteed sources of income, migrant workers will improve their economic condition.

The amended Foreign Employment Act will create an environment for safer migration with ensured safety and dignity of migrant workers in the long run. They will be able to make informed decisions about working abroad.

The dedicated composite sector-specific policy will guide the regulation of the brick kiln industry. This helps to reduce uncertainties and discrepancies in the regulation of the brick kiln industry. The policy will ensure the enactment of international standards of labor and kiln technology and promote environmental quality through GMPs, consequently promoting cleaner production and a sustainable brick kiln industry. The industry will be aware of the hazards of the exploitative nature of work and discourage it. The fundamental rights of laborers and their families in the brick kilns will be guaranteed.

Project Location

All Seven Provinces

Project Duration

2019 – 2021


  1. To lobby and facilitate the policy reformation and formulation process to regulate Nepal’s foreign employment migration and brick kiln industry.

Funding Partner

Humanity United

Expected Outcomes

  1. A common consensus is built among the key stakeholders to ensure zero recruitment fee provision in the Foreign Employment Act.
  2. Province Parliamentarians initiate dialogues to formulate province-level policy on foreign employment.
  3. A culture of dialogue is promoted in the brick kiln industry for solution-oriented interventions.
  4. A dedicated composite brick kiln sector-specific draft policy is prepared through the consensus of the concerned stakeholders.