Building Agency for Social Justice (BASJ)

Building Agency for Social Justice (BASJ)


Building Agency for Social Justice campaign aims to counter the prevailing narrative that presents the Madhesi Dalit woman as a voiceless and unrepresented individual lacking any agency by lending her the allyship necessary to amplify her voice to counter discrimination and violence and representing her stories to the Nepali society and wider world.

This program addresses the existing gap in societal empathy through dissemination of true-to-life stories of Dalit women through popular media and traditional art, appealing directly to the person rather than processes and institutions; and it will address existing absences in systemic structures by educating the people on the constitutional and legal aspects of the caste question in Nepal, and by conceptualizing new avenues for data collection on the intersection of gender based violence and caste based discrimination and untouchability experienced by Dalit women.

Project Location

Province 2.

Project Duration

2021 (one year).


  1. To generate evidences of violence against Dalit women to support advocacy for strengthening the implementation of policy frameworks within the domains of caste and gender.
  2. To enhance the capacity of Young Dalit Women to advocate for their rights and take leadership to support survivors from the Dalit community in their respective locality.
  3. To reach and engage wider stakeholders for collaborative efforts in combatting violence against Dalit women.

Funding Partner

Foundation for a Just Society

Expected Outcomes

  1. Evidence is generated for advocacy;
  2. Enhanced skills of Youth Ambassadors and movement-building from the grassroots level enabled;
  3. The stories of Dalit women are taken to wider audiences and stakeholders in order to have sensitivity in public spheres developed

Accomplished Outcomes

District and Province level co-ordination.

Major Activities

  1. Piloting Research for Status of Dalit women in Nepal.
  2. Training, Fellowship and Mentorship
  3. Dignity App
  4. Advocacy and Outreach
    • Advocacy
    • Outreach
      • Radio Program
      • Short Documentary Films
      • Mithila Art
      • Narrative Publications
  5. Symposium