Varna System and Class Struggle in Nepal

Author: Aahuti

Published: 2010

ISBN: 978-9937-8372-0-0

Language: Nepali/English

Edition: Second 2014

Pages: 279

Category: Publications


“Verna System and Class Struggle in Nepal” is a book written by Aahuti. It was the first academic book published by SAMATA Foundation and is prescribed as a reference book by Tribhuvan University for students of Sociology and Anthropology in the Master’s degree program. This book vividly portrays the history of Nepali Dalits, their difficulties and struggle, and focuses on the Nepali Dalit movement in an aesthetically pleasing way. It categorizes Dalits into divisions like Hill Dalit, Madhesi Dalit and Dalit women, explaining their own level of difficulties. The book is more focused on the nature of relationship between Dalit and other communities related to their origins from India as a Hindu country. The author further illustrates political struggle of Dalits, clearly indicating the reality of the extent that Hindu feudalism has directly and indirectly shaped the structure and thinking process in the political parties from beginning to the present situation. The author ends with the conclusion by putting forward a way for the Dalit movement.