Policy papers


Review of Policies and Provisions on Disaster Response and Recovery for Dalit Perspective_2016
Review of Policies, Plan, and Program NHRC, NWC, NDC,etc_2016
Annual Lecture Series IV_Unraveling Inclusiveness in North East India_Lessons From the Experimentations of Indian Gorkhas_Prof Mahendra P. Lama _2014
Annual Lecture Series III_Affirmative Action and Private Sector_Prof. Ashwini Deshpande_2014
Equity Watch_Access to Justice for Dalits_English_2014
Samata Policy Paper 8_Dalits Local Self-Governance and Issue of Representation_2014
Samata Policy Paper 7_Federalism and Dalit Rights_2014
Samata Policy Paper 6_Dalit Friendly Electoral System_2014
Samata Policy Paper 5_Innovative Strategies for Dalit Rights_2014
Benchmarking the Draft Un Principles _ Guideline on the Elimination of Caste Discrimination based on work and Descent Nepal Report_2014
Annual Lecture Series II_Carrier of Social Justice in India Implications for Affirmative Action Programs in Nepal_Prof. Gopal Guru_2013
Annual Lecture Series I_Designing Affirmative Action for Nepal_A Tour of the Choice and Problems_Prof. Marc Galanter _2012
Policy Paper_Vicious Cycle of Non-Representation Electoral system and Dalit Representation in Nepal_2012
Samata Policy Paper 4_Federalism and Dalit Governance Dalit-Friendly Federal System_English_2012
Samata Policy Paper 3_Trends in Dalit Writing_English_2012
Vicious Cycle of Non-Representation_2012
Confusion in Dalit Transformation in the New Constituition_2010