Evidence-based Policy Advocacy

Evidence-based policy advocacy is one of the core tasks of SAMATA Foundation. SAMATA Foundation involves in evidence based policy advocacy to form, amend and implement the Dalit rights-based policies. The outcomes of the empirical researches and fact finding events are synthesized into various advocacy tools like policy papers, advocacy and information briefs, newsletters and other IEC materials and those  are widely discussed and distributed among the major stakeholders. Fact findings and researches concerning to the caste-based discrimination, and atrocities on Dalits are conspicuously and succinctly depicted into various information and presented to, to parliamentarians/lawmakers and law enforcement agencies at the local and national levels.

The approach applied by SAMATA Foundation has resulted in the Dalit friendly policies and provisions in Nepalese Constitution. Many Dalit victims of human right violations have been benefited by getting justice.

The Samata foundation has extended its advocacy and lobbying actions into regional and international level. At regional level campaigning and lobbying are done through regional level networking and involving itself in Asian Dalit Right Forum (ADRF). Subsequently, SAMATA Foundation has been also engaging in generation of Universal Periodic Report (UPR) and Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) reports.

It helps the law enactment process and campaigns for the amendment procedure of laws and regulations concerning Dalits and human rights as a whole.

The foundation engrosses in producing Shadow Report for the Committee on Elimination all Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD), and upholds the process of The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) by furnishing feedback and suggestion from Dalit concern. It also regularly promotes the community though awareness and trainings on the Dalit relate legal issues.