Data of Dalits in Nepal

Over the total population of 36 million, the Dalits in Nepal comprise of 13.6% of the total population according to the 2011 census. However, Researches have suggested that the percentage could be over 20% with an estimation of 5 million people. The Dalit Development Committee of the Ministry of Local Development (MoLD) has identified 22 Dalit groups (Previously stated as 28).

List of Dalit Castes in Nepal in terms of origin based on regions:
Hill origin Madhesi Origin
Dalit castes Gandarva (Gaine), Pariyar (Damai, Darji, Suchikar, Nagarchi, Dholi, Hoodke), Badi, Viswakarma (Kami, Lohar, Sunar, Wod, Chunara, Parki, Tamata), and Sarki (Mijar, Charmakar, Bhool)Kalar, Kakaihiya, Kori, Khatik, Khatbe (Mandal, Khanka), Chamar (Ram, Mochee, Harijan, Rabidas), Chidimar, Dom (Marik), Tatma (Tanti, Das), Dusadh (Paswan, Hajara), Dhobi (Hindu Rajak), Pattharkatta, Pasi, Bantar, Mushar, Mestar (Halkhor), and Sarvanga (Sarbaraiya)

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (2011), data on the poverty rate, literacy rate and the percentage of Dalits in Nepal who experience chronic childhood malnutrition were:

Poverty Rate
Literacy Rate
Chronic Childhood Malnutrition

Political Representation of Dalits in the Government

After the formation of the 3 tiers of government, the number of Dalit representatives in the political participation has increased but the representation is still not proportionate as compared to the Dalit population of the country. However, the increased representation is a fostering hope for the Dalits in Nepal as it gives them the exposure and the opportunity to catalyze the process of liberation of the community in the government and the political leadership of the country.

Tiers of GovernmentMaleFemaleTotal
Province Assembly72633
House of Representatives61319
The National Assembly 707

In addition, there are 797 male ward members, 6567 female ward members, 197 ward chairs, 1 rural municipality chair, 16 rural municipality vice-chairs, 6 mayors, 11 deputy mayors elected from the community of Dalits in Nepal.