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About Samata Foundation

SAMATA foundation is officially registered under the Company Act, 2063 BS as a profit-not-sharing organization in 2009. It engages in researches both empirical and policy, and informed-advocacy for the rights of marginalized people, especially Dalit social groups, both from Hill and Madhesh. It firmly believes that real change can only be brought by producing critical youth mass of Dalit and non Dalit, disseminating knowledge, encouraging civic participation and preparing individuals from Dalit social groups to become leaders of the next generation. In this manner, it has been engaging in different thematic areas such as: Democracy and Good governance; Dalit Human Rights; Social Inclusion; Land, Livelihoods and Food Rights; and Culture, Education and Media.

Besides, SAMATA is  emerging as an independent think-tank specializing in the area of caste based issues concerning Dalit community of Nepal.SAMATA believes, it has a crucial role of  providing  concrete and scientific information to bring positive changes in the society ,  helping to generate appropriate policies and  suitably amend the existing policies concerning the welfare of Dalit communities. Moreover, SAMATA envisions in creating caste-based discrimination and untouchability free society in days to come.

Furthermore, with the financial support from various funding partners, SAMATA has been conducting programs/activities on the issues of Dalit and social inclusion through research, informed-advocacy, capacity building of Dalit research fellows, high level policy dialogues and discussions, expanding SAMATA resource centre to achieve its intended objectives. In this regard, researchers from Dalit social group have been involving in various activities mainly   conduction of studies, compilation of Dalit related data and analysis, translation of documents related to Dalit issues both in Nepali and English language, providing necessary supports to   Parliamentarians/Lawmakers from both Dalit and non-Dalit communities with researched based information, publications, review of existing  government policies and laws on Dalit issues.